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Withdrawing from the contest Miss Model Of The World

Hej läsare här kommer nu att komma en lång text om skönhetstävlingen som jag vann och varför jag valt att inte delta i finalen i Hongkong detta året! Dock så har jag bestämt att skriva allting på engelska så att alla ska kunna förstå.

Hi its me Elina Andersson, the winner of Miss Model of The World Sweden. I am here and now withdrawing from the contest because of these following reasons.

1.Miss Lebanon Mirva(she left the competition) She was very bad treated.

2.Miss Israel Tali&her cousin who came to China(she wanted to leave the competition with other contestants ,she has been treated by Suha very badly.

3.Miss Guinea Jasmine(she was the winner,but Suha put Miss Turkey)

4.Ist runner miss Hungary(she was not in the top 30(35)

5.Miss Norway and her boyfreind,he was treated very badly coz he was a nice male model,Suha dont like young and nice looking men.

6.The turkish staf who was allowed to do every thing with the contestants .

7.The jury(very unprofessional)Suha put any one he likes specially if it is a female,and has nothing to do with beauty pageants.

8.Two national Directors who left the show at the final with another VIP guest.

9.Miss Armenia who left the competition think that everything was unfrofessional

10.Suha and his style with the contestants and some new chosen Directors who are not in the buisness.

11.The age limit is 26 years old,one contestant from Bulgaria who was 28 years old and was in Top 35,while many beautiful contestants who was under 26 ,did not make it to the final.

12.The website was not ready untill today for 2011(Is that professional)

13.The winner from last year who did not have any promotion after winning the competition,she was not happy about that,coz Suha cann,t do anything for the winner .

14.This competition had only one lokal TV station,no other chanells are interested,and it is 23 years old,but still not in the grandslam .

15.Any girl can apply for this competition,if she is willing to cooperate with Suha and pay for the airticket.

16.Suha make mothers of contestants,contestants,and assistants of national Directors as new Directors for MMW.,he did it before with Romania ,Bulgaria,Mother of Miss Mexico and many more.

17.Miss Belguim has been as a contestant 2010&2011,the same girl,how could that happen?Very professional?

18.The old man  Suha 80 years old invited Miss Iran to Istanbul,she thinks that he is Discasty(her name is Armina Mouradi

Here is a letter from Miss Israel were she explains why she dont want to recomend this competition, and also she talks about how she had it when she was in the competition last year.

When I came to China for Miss Model of the World Contest I met the Judges and was surprised to realize that Miss Bulgaria Agent was one of the Judges and Miss Bulgaria age was 28 years old when the contestants were not supposed to be over 26.

Also there was a young Judge who were Suha right hand a man who seduced the girls with alcohol and got miss Paraguay to sleep with him which led her to win the title of Miss Best Skin.

Nothing of that really mattered to me but when I entered the room finding Miss Lebanon crying and shaken because she had a visit by Ann our Chin Chin, The translator of Miss Ann and the Young Judge who were doing Miss Paraguay in which they try and force her to pay for her stay or they would not give here back her passport telling her she had a few hours to pack her things and pay tem the money  for her flight and stay costs otherwise they will drop her of on the streets with no passport. Finally her mother got her away from there by talking to the Consule in Lebanon.

In one occasion Mr. Suha which is Turkish the old 80 years old threatened me that I should get away from Israel as the Turkish will bump Israel as Turkey and Israel were in tension after the Masat incident.

This is was very inappropriate raises comment that left me very frightened as he was like a father to the girls. It took him a few days to come and apologize as he understood this was an uncalled remark! And I forgave him.

In other occasion Miss Ann had selected the girls to sit with investors who wanted to take them up to their rooms.

The contest was very unprofessionally organized and we never knew our day schedule.

The directors were very unprofessional,B,C,D kind and telling the girls that they are in the Jury,also Miss Armenia left the competition.

Miss Israel Tali Berzman

I hope that all off you understand why i am withdrawing from the contest and if you do not believe the letter or me then feel free to contact either me or Miss Israel here:tbarzman@gmail.com or to Miss Lebanon Mivi_86@hotmail.com

From: mivi_86@hotmail.com
To: hadwardpeter@msn.com
Subject: RE: MMW&Suha Al Payla
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2012 14:47:01 +0200

This Miss Lebanon who is writing about the competition.

Mmw is the worst competition you can ever SEE.suha AL payle the owner says that it s the best but how come when you can t have ftv and some of interntional tv sponsoring the event?!when even the hotel where we were staying is well known for a one night stand..let me tell you i thought we were in shenzhen but it was a very dangerous area where it s surrounded by factories and prostitution who comes from the south of china..all the conditions we were for contestants very bad,at a moment i felt i became a slave to those sick people..without forgetting Anna the chinese bitchy gf of payle who is arranging everything While she doesn t even anderstand a word in english?!and oh my god what a shame!don let me tell you how they communicate with each other!!!!we travelled to Jihan as they said but i am pretty sure that we were also in a bad area cause the hotel was disgusting and the heater wasn t even working my roomate got sick!it was freazing!and i realised that it was also a hotel for prostitution cause we saw many girls wearing the same dresss who came at night cause they work in the 2nd floor as an escort for the guys who come to have aprivate karaoke night.we saw them!!!welll let me tell you about the toilets where we were suppose to change our clothes for the show.i took some videos i can send them.to u, you wil be chocked.without forgetting that we had to do our own make up and hair everyday..in the papers that suha sent to me they also said that we r gonna have excurtion but what kind of it we found out?!they were taking us to cities where they dont t even tell us the name where it s new villas that to sell them Anna took us to take fotos infront of it so she ll have her commission and without forgetting the dinner late at night after we v had it they call us under the order of Anna to go down and have another one even if we r full and wanted to vomit and we told them that we ate and need a rest there is no way to convince them they screemed like crazy people as if they were cops and we were the prisioneres,anyway after all we go and here is the surprise oh my god,some chinese guys that each 2 were sitting in a table and were wating for us to come…i quickly understoood what kind of competition it is lol..anyway it s not that conplicated to anderstand after u see Anna how bitchy she is and how she behave as  if she was proxenet and we were alll under her order…anyway there is much but i can t write them all i think that s more than enough..the day i decided to leave i changed my ticket and i came to Suha payle telling him that it s not a professional comp.i m not coming to china to be treated like a slave and to have a escort role..he couldn hear tbe truth he insulted me and say that i was sick..anyway after having problems to convince them that i can t stay a day more cause i m not neither a slave neither a bitch i just came cause i thought it was a real comp.as i read in the mails they sent but the surprise was awfull…they wanted me to pay the hotels and the ticket of the plane and i don t know what also to give me back my passport..but i told them come on i m not stupid the hotels are free cause it s a sponaor for our events and for the tickets you should talk with mr Antoine makssoud the one who sent me here..he should have told me that it was a bullshit contest..anyways we v been fighting for that issue till i called my mom and tell her to go directly to the french ambassy and report everythings that s happening in china,and i also called Antoine and the owner of my agency and they got afraid so they sent many mails to Suha payle so he got scared specially from the french embacy and sent me someone at 9pm to my room while the other girls where having a meeting at the lounge,telling me that i can leave but first i have to sign a paper..they were 3 in my room standing like bodyguards and waiting for me to sign..i told them to leave me alone for few moments so i can do calls to lebanon to see what i should do..and they didn t want to leave my rooom saying that i hve 5 min. To sign..after that i signed and then the bigest surprise ever they told me pack ur luggage and leave the hotel right now..i red the paper again and i realised that it was written that after i sign i have to leave the hotel…anyway they wanted to put me out of the hotel which very dangerous and no one speaks english neither understand..i got scared and ungryyy i shouted and put them out of my room,they said u have 2min to leave and i started to call everyone in lebanon who could help me..i had the chance to know someons who use to work in china and called the hotel from lebanon telling them that they had no right to give me 2min and pull me out of the hotel!!!and the chock was,they didn t know abt what they were talking!!!after that they called me to my room i explained everything they got chocked telling me that they didn t send any paper and no one has the right to put me out of the hotel everyone is welcomed to stay as much as they want and that i can book a room for my own and they r not allowed to send decision as is it was from the hotel just to fuck me and put me at the road alone..and i remember the girl told ,e i m the manager and don t be afrais ur safe here juat lock ur door nd don t listen to anyone and if they try to open by force or do anything just call us on this number wich now i forgot and 2min will be at ur door.than i had a deep breath and i was waiting for a freind that has jewelery companies at shenzhen and they needed 1h30to get to good view hotel and pick me up…but the passport were still with the bitch a certain anna the 2nd hand of the proxenet anna and they refused to give it to me but they didn t know that 2guys was coming to pick me up and they are not scaring me anymore!!and thN they arrived arround 12h and they asked anna wherw is mirva s room??they said she left the hotel!!and i was waiting and waiting they did the whole hotel asking abt me for an hour after that one of the girls came and told me that they was 2guys searching for me at the reception and they callled me at the room i went down with the support of all the girls that wanted to leave also amd got scared after what they saw..there is lots of details and things that happened that i didn t mention cauae it will take me too much time to write them …

Mirva(Miss Lebanon)

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